Getting To Know Your In-Ear Monitors


Warning Please turn the volume down on source before inserting IEM. Don’t take chances with permanent irreversible hearing loss. Turn it down.
Note: Handle IEMS with care. They are breakable.

How To Wear In-Ear Monitors - Step 1Step 1
Turn the CIEM forward, then gently insert it into your ear canal.
How To Wear In-Ear MonitorsStep 2
Gently rock in-ear back and forth, until completely snug in the ear.
How To Wear In-Ear Monitors - Step 3Step 3
Secure cable behind ear.
How To Wear In-Ear Monitors - Step 4Step 4
Cinch cable for best isolation.
Universal In-Ear TipsFor Universal IEMS
Before insertion, be sure to secure tip onto IEM. If using final Audio Type E tips, squeeze tip before insertion into ear. 

1. Clean after each use. Wax buildup damages drivers and they will need to be replaced. This is not covered under warranty.
2. Store in Altay Ears protective case when in-ears are not in use..
3. Read full warranty info. The more informed you are, the better you can take care of your in-ears. With proper care your in-ears can last for many years.
1. Expose device to moisture.
2. Remove IEM by pulling on cable.
3. Wear IEM if it has microfractures, as it can break during use.
4. Allow IEM to hit hard surfaces, or knock into each other, as this can create microfractures or break the device.
5. Attempt to fix, alter, or disassemble device. Doing so will void all warranties.


How To Clean Your In-EarsCLEANING
Locate the sound bores at the end of the canal on your IEM. Using the loop side of cleaning tool, point your IEM downwards, and begin to scoop out any internal debris.
How To Scrub In-Ear MonitorsSCRUBBING
Debris will begin to surface and may leave particles in surrounding areas. Use the brush end of the tool to scrub off any remaining debris.
How To Polish In-Ear MonitorsPOLISHING
Use only microfiber cloths or non-alcoholic wipes to clean the shell. Never submerge IEM in liquids.
How To Wrao & Store In Ear MonitorsWRAP & STORE
Cinch the cable all the way up, then loosely wrap it around your four fingers. Carefully store your neatly wrapped Altay IEMS inside your carrying case.


Sound Pressure Levels  Sound Pressure Levls

To install tips, slide your selected tip over the nozzle until it feels snug. To remove, gently twist and pull from nozzle.

Installing Tips On Universal In-Ear Monitors

Inserting The final Audio Type E Tips

How To Insert Comply Foam Tips



In-Ear Monitors
Attaching Cable - In-Ear MonitorsSTEP 1
Match the right ear with the right cable (red dot).
Insert the cable by sliding it until it feels snug. The colored dot on top of the connector should always point upwards. This indicates that the positive and negative are inserted correctly.
Follow same process for left side (blue dot).


Grasp the base of cable by port and gently pull outward while wiggling back and forth in an up and down motion.

How To Detach Cable From In-Ear Monitor

DO NOT attempt to remove by pulling on the cable or you might damage the cable port and device.

All of our custom IEMS use recessed sockets. When using an aftermarket cable, please ensure that it’s designed for a recessive socket. If not, you risk damaging your device, if it doesn’t securely fit.


Defects Or Workmanship Warranty
Altay custom products are warranted against material defects and workmanship defects for a period of twenty-four (24) months, and twelve (12) months for universal products, from the original shipping date or manufacture date, whichever is later.

 This warranty does not cover:

  • Cables and accessories.
  • Loss and damage.
  • Problems resulting from using aftermarket cables and accessories.
  • Abuse, misuse, accidents, improper storage, and usage under conditions which the product is not intended for.
  • Problems resulting from any unauthorized repairs or modifications to the product.
  • Wax build up or moisture issues.
  • Deterioration of product’s color and/or physical condition resulting from normal wear and tear; such deterioration is not considered defect.
  • Shipping and handling

Voiding Limited Warranty
Tampering with your Altay Ear product, including modifications or disassembly, or attempts to disassemble or repair, by you or any person or company other than our authorized service facility, will automatically void all warranties.

Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
Limited Thirty (30) Day Fit Warranty – Custom Products

  • At our discretion, Altay Ears will repair or remake custom products with fit problems up to two (2) times within thirty (30) days from the original shipping date or manufacture date, whichever is later, at no additional cost.
  • Under this warranty, all fit issue remakes will be remade according to the original purchase color selected ONLY. Color changes will be permitted ONLY if Altay Ears has made a manufacturing error or the color does not match the original purchase order.
  • Remake service is not available simply to change the color of your custom in-ears. Therefore, please select your model and colors carefully before making your purchase.
  • Fit problem remake requests that arise after the thirty (30) day period will incur a remake fee.
  • Warranty does not include shipping and handling fees.

Repair or remake fit problems covered under this warranty include:

  • Fit is too tight, tall, low, or deep.
  • Loose fit or poor seal.
  • The helix area is too thick or wide.
  • Uncomfortable or painful to wear.
  • Does not sit properly in the ear.

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