“Empire Ears Zeus is a very strong monitor that brings musical technicality to our ears. My personal opinion is that it can be ranked very high among my custom in ear monitors. The craftsmanship is very nice and the overall comfort is good…”

-Mike Portnoy,

In-Ear Monitors - Empire Ears - Head-Fi Review

“It’s high resolution and resolving nature, total sense of control and linearity in the upper frequencies, subtle presentation of detail and 3D imaging reveal a masterful piece of engineering. Its signature is partially secondary; it could have been either U-shaped or midforward. But when you hear Zeus, you hear something special – the sheer enjoyment of hearing technical excellence…”

Earphonia Review - Empire Ears In-Ears

“I am very impressed with the Empire Ears Zeus R universal earphones. The review item was a loaner, kindly provided to me by but I enjoyed it so much I have put my money where my mouth is and ordered my own pair to have.”
-Tom Courtenay,

Empire Ears -In Ears Review

“if I would be making a decision to pick a single IEM/CIEM out of everything I have tested and reviewed so far, regardless of the price or the driver count, Zeus-R would make the top of the list. I honestly didn’t realize how much I’m going to enjoy such level of high resolution, layering and separation, and retrieval of details all wrapped in a super wide soundstage expansion….”


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