World’s smallest PDA beetle

ZANCO Beetle – World’s smallest touchscreen phone with a 1.54-inch screen, camera, video recorder, 12 voice changers, Bluetooth, 320mAh battery, and 30 built-in games. Supports micro SIM and multiple languages.

The ZANCO Beetle is the world’s smallest touchscreen phone, offering a compact design with a 1.54-inch screen. It supports a micro SIM card and boasts a built-in camera and video recorder. The phone features a 320mAh battery for extended use and supports Bluetooth connectivity.

With a 12-voice changer, the Beetle offers versatile communication options. It supports eight different languages and has a built-in MP3/MP4 player for entertainment. The phone stores up to 250 contacts and comes preloaded with 30 games for added fun.

The ZANCO Beetle is designed and engineered in England, ensuring high-quality components and meeting international safety standards like CE, FCC, and ROHS approvals.


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