tiny fone collection

The Tiny Fone Collection is a nano-sized phone with BT 3.0 connectivity, voice changer, and compatibility with various languages and voice types. It offers 3-day standby time and supports syncing with mobile phones.


The Tiny Fone Collection presents a nano-sized phone with advanced features and compatibility options. This ultra-compact phone allows users to sync contacts, music, and more with their mobile phones. It features a mono-color screen and a voice changer for added versatility. With three days of standby time and three hours of talk time, this phone is ideal for those who prefer a minimalist approach to communication.

The BT 3.0 connection ensures seamless connectivity, while the Micro SIM card slot enables easy setup. Supporting over 500 contacts, this phone offers ample space for your important connections. It is compatible with various languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Czech, Slovakian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Urdu, Hebrew, Hindi, and Arabic.

In terms of voices, the Tiny Fone Collection offers a range of options such as Man, Woman, Child, Old, Cartoon, Young, and Optimus. Each voice type adds a unique touch to the overall experience. The phone is registered under IP ZANCO UK0003079719, IMEI 35499708, and CE RoHS UKCA FC, indicating its quality and reliability. It is manufactured by Zini Mobiles Limited, a reputable brand known for its innovative products.


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