smart pen

A multi-feature mobile phone with a 0.96-inch color screen, dual-cameras, Bluetooth 3.0, FM radio, voice changer, MP3/MP4 player, remote capture, and a laser pen. Supports single SIM, operates on GSM bands, and has a 400mAh battery.


The featured product is a multifunctional mobile phone with a 0.96 inch color screen and a long-lasting battery life of 6 hours. It supports Bluetooth version 3.0 and comes equipped with a dual-camera setup. Additional key features include an SD card slot, FM radio, voice changer function, MP3/MP4 player, remote capture capability, and even a laser pen. The device meets CE & RoHS approval standards and operates on a motherboard model MTK6261D. It supports single SIM cards and operates on either GSM 900/1800 or GSM 850/1900 frequencies.

The phone features a 3232160 resolution and uses a 400mAh battery. It has a white keyboard light, a 1208 speaker, and double microphones. The transmission speed ranges from normal (480kb/s) to maximum (1M/s). The device supports message storage of up to 100 messages and can hold call records for up to 20 entries. It accommodates 500 phone book entries and supports multiple languages. Profiles available include General, Silent, Meeting, and Outdoor modes.


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