We do not have any job openings at this time, however we are always accepting resumes. If you would like to be considered for future job openings please email your resume to and we will keep you on file. Thanks for your interest!  

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Altay Ears is unique in its ambition to design the extraordinary and achieve the impossible. Driven by passionate engineers, talented musicians, and exacting audiophiles we are utterly consumed by the desire to create the world’s finest in-ear monitors. We are family owned in Atlanta, Georgia and have over 30 years experience in acoustic engineering and manufacturing spanning the medical, consumer, and professional markets. Every one of our in-ear monitors are handcrafted by our meticulous artisans and tested against the highest standards so that we can deliver a product that you can be as passionate about as we are.

Corporate Philosophy

We are steadfast in our drive to provide the best quality in-ear monitors on the market.  We bring to bear all of our skills and experience on every project we undertake. Every member of our team has a dramatic impact on our product and the Altay Ears brand, and as such we expect a great deal from our employees, from the CEO’s office to the production lab. We are family owned and operated and our employees are part of that family, and family takes care of each other. Founded by an immigrant family and, through the blood, sweat and tears of our family, risen to success we are firm believers in the American Dream and that opportunities exist for those that  have the gumption to seek them out. If working in a space that values hard work and a positive, can-do attitude above all else then don’t hesitate to drop us your resume. We always need amazing people!


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