Empire Ears Earns Inner Fidelity Wall Of Fame Award 2017

 Inner Fidelity Wall Of Fame Award 2017 

“What I am sure about is the Zeus XR ADEL being the best CIEM I’ve ever heard. The Zeus R with G1 bests my other favorite CIEMs by a not-insignificant margin, advancing the state of the art and putting a huge smile on my face with each listening session. And that makes it worthy of a spot on the Wall of Fame.” – John Grandberg,

Empire Ears When Headphone Guru Writer's Choice Award 2016

 Headphone.Guru Writer’s Choice Award 2016

“The folks at Altay Ears pulled no punches with their new flagship product (ZEUS), and have released the best sounding in-ear monitors I’ve come across…period!” – Peter Pialis, Headphone.Guru

Headfonics Best Custom IEM Award 2016

“It’s high resolution and resolving nature, total sense of control and linearity in the upper frequencies, subtle presentation of detail and 3D imaging reveal a masterful piece of engineering. Its signature is partially secondary; it could have been either U-shaped or midforward. But when you hear Zeus, you hear something special – the sheer enjoyment of hearing technical excellence…” – Nic Flinkenflogel,


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